13 Night/12 Day Vedic Temple Arts Immersion for Women at Dunagiri Retreat

with Dr. Katy Jane

October 28-November 9, 2018

“Now it is time to sit quiet, face to face with Her, and to sing dedication of life in this silent and overflowing leisure.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore


There are few places on earth that house distinctively feminine power. The power that can WAKE UP what’s been asleep in you. The power to FEEL it whole bodily. And the power to EXPRESS it as worship—as genuine communion with the divine.

Dunagiri is such a shakti-peetha, a “seat” of awakened feminine energy. We invite you to experience Her transformative power this Diwali (Festival of Light) at Dunagiri Retreat—with Dr. Katy Jane as your guide.


Namaste, sisters!

I welcome you with all my heart to a place that’s been close to my heart for three decades—Mother India. 

My journey began after a near-death experience in high school after which my English teacher gave me a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi. It inspired my search for spiritual realization that continues to this day. It led me to practice yoga & meditation, study Sanskrit and earn a doctorate in Religious Studies with an emphasis in Vedic & Classical Yoga traditions. And it awakened in me a deep devotion to the Divine Mother.

Today I live at Dunagiri Retreat where I lead retreats, teach Women’s Kriya Yoga, serve as a Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer), and deepen my understanding of Vedic knowledge and Sanskrit. 

And in these hallowed foothills of the holy Himalayan mountains, I’ve discovered how to live a truly sacred life aligned with my feminine shakti…and I can’t wait to share this ancient way of the divine Mother with you this Diwali (Festival of Light)!


“Something profoundly is missing from a world in which the power of the Divine Feminine is not understood and in which women are out of touch with their own Shakti.”

~ Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti.

We invite you to fully let go of the mundane and step into the sacred. Dr. Katy has designed a curriculum that blends Sanskrit chanting, Vedic ritual, Mindfulness Meditation, Yin/Flow Yoga and Pilgrimage to AWAKEN your inner goddess, RESTORE your soul and NOURISH your higher dreams and intentions.

When you return, you’ll have gained not only a life-transforming experience (the only reason to travel to India)—but a set of skills to share in creating ritual spaces for invoking the Goddess in your home and sacred circles.


    • TRAVEL to the Source of Kriya Yoga and Ancient Home of Goddess Vaishnavi at Dunagiri, in the sublime eastern foothills of the Himalayas.
    • LEARN Vedic Temple Arts for a Deeper Connection to the Ancient Goddess Traditions.
    • VISIT Local “Power Spots”: Goddess Temples, Babaji’s Cave, Primeval Forests and Holy Mountains.
    • NOURISH your body with daily massage, Ayurvedic wholesome meals, yin/flow yoga and mindfulness meditation.
    • and CARRY Her blessing power back to your community to create sacred ritual spaces for women.


“If there is to be a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design.”

~ Sri Aurobindo

October 28-November 9, 2018


  • 13 Nights/12 Days Accommodation Double Occupancy (including 2 nights upon arrival in Delhi and 2 nights upon departure)
  • Transportation to/from the Delhi Airport & Dunagiri Retreat
  • 3 Delicious, Vegetarian Ayurvedic Meals per day*
  • One Daily Ayurvedic Massage*
  • Daily guided yin, women’s flow yoga & meditation*
  • Daily Temple Arts Instruction by Dr. Katy Jane*
  • All excursion fees to local temples and holy sites*
  • All tips and gratuities

* While on retreat at Dunagiri Retreat only; Delhi excluded. *


Airfare to/from Delhi, India, any hotel incidentals, transportation outside the dates of the retreat, health/travel insurance.

Single Occupancy (available on a limited, first-come-first-served basis & for an additional fee)


Arrive at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi India & be greeted by our travel representative who will escort you to your accommodation in Delhi.


Meet and Greet Breakfast; Free Day in Delhi.


Travel by train & private car to Dunagiri Retreat

Visit to Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Kainchi Dham

Sunset Arrival Ceremony & Welcome Dinner


The Vedic Art of Sankalpa

Coming into Alignment with Source: Settling In & Setting Intentions

Enjoy a rejuvenating day of yoga & meditation, relaxing massage, and exploration of beautiful Dunagiri Retreat.

Be introduced to Sanskrit chanting and creating a sacred space for the Goddess to enter.


The Vedic Art of Darshan, “Seeing & Being Seen”

Visit to Vaishnavi Devi Temple.

Experience the living presence of the Goddess who has attracted pilgrims to Dunagiri for centuries…and who grants one boon, liberation for yogis.


The Vedic Art of Invocation, “Becoming One with the Goddess”

Visit to Babaji’s Cave & the Womb Source

Absorb the powerful vibrations….

And return to the source of your spiritual inspiration.


The Vedic Art of Offering Havan, a Fire Ritual for Making Offerings to the Goddess

Partake in the transformative power of fire by offering your heart’s deepest desires and intentions.

Experience the descent of the Goddess’ shakti in the “fire pit of consciousness” and in her blessing at the Sukha Devi temple at sunset.

Visit to Sukha Devi Temple


The Vedic Art of Dakshina, “Giving & Receiving”

Visit to Manasa Devi Temple.

Experience the blessing force of Goddess worship & learn how to share it with others.

Receive the boon granted by Manasa Devi to fulfill your heart’s desire in pilgrimage to her temple.


The Vedic Art of Vastu, “Creating Sacred Spaces”

Visit to Dunagiri village women’s home temples.

Meet and interact with our local Dunagiri sisters and learn how they invoke the Goddess in their daily lives.

DAY 10

The Vedic Art of Rasa, “The Art of Adornment”

Visit to Ancient Temple Complexes in Dwarahat

Shopping Excursion in Local Market

DAY 11

The Vedic Art of Prasad, “Distributing Blessings”

Diwali “Festival of Lights” Celebration

Mehendi (henna tattoo), dance and shine

It’s time to party…while we welcome the footsteps of Goddess Lakshmi as she enters every home!

DAY 12

Depart Dunagiri for Delhi

DAY 13

Free Day in Delhi/Depart India


When you join us at Dunagiri Retreat for this very special and rare immersion in Vedic Temple Arts for Women, you’re making the journey to Mother India as a pilgrim and not an ordinary tourist. As your pilgrimage guide, we promise to give you a renewed perspective on your life and the possibility of profound spiritual awakening.


    • A highly intimate, deeply personal, & profoundly transformative experience of sacred India.
    • A rare chance to connect with your soul’s purpose & heart’s desires.
    • One-of-a-kind exclusively women’s sacred practice curriculum designed by a highly qualified expert in Vedic spirituality, Sanskrit, yoga & meditation.
    • Accommodation in serene, authentic & ancient Himalayan village setting with comforts & amenities of a luxury resort.
    • Delicious home-cooked, local & organic Ayurvedic meals.
    • Relaxing & nurturing daily Ayurvedic massages.
    • Peace of mind by leaving all the travel details to us.
    • Plus…all of the healing and invigorating natural beauty your heart and soul can absorb!

Your Investment: $3500

We’re offering “Early Bird Pricing” until April 30th, 2018.
Option 1: If you pay in full before midnight April 30, 2018, you’ll save $500. Your investment is: $3000

Option 2: You can elect to pay in 5-monthly installments of $700 before midnight April 30, 2018. (Your last payment will be before September 30, 2018)


Please consider very carefully if this retreat is in complete alignment with your heart. You’ll know it’s for you if you feel an immediate “yes.” Once you’ve committed to attending, you’re promising to give your energy to making this retreat happening. So to withdraw for any reason downgrades the experience for everyone else who has joined you in your enthusiasm. We have also made financial commitments based on your agreement to attend. For these reasons, we will not offer any refund for any reason. So if you’re in, you’re “in.”
If something comes up beyond your control and you can’t attend, you can transfer your spot to a girlfriend, sister or mother with prior approval by Dr. Katy Jane (one month prior to the trip only). But we will not grant any refunds or transfer of investment toward any future retreat. For these reasons, we highly recommend trip protection and insurance to protect your investment.



We’ll be delighted to answer any questions.
We look forward to having you join us this October/November for an experience of a lifetime!