Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery

an immersion in mantra yoga

Experience how sacred sound:

Deepens your yoga & meditation practice;
Increases your life force and;
Awakens higher states of consciousness.

With Sanskrit scholar, master teacher & author of Sanskrit for Yogis, Dr. Katy Jane.

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Are you ready for something more in your yoga practice and teaching?

Say “oṁ śāntiḥ” if you’ve:

  • Realized that asana is just the beginning of yoga, but find it difficult to access the next level of teachings from an authentic teacher.
  • Observed that becoming a yoga teacher is a popular craze, but feel there’s something more profound to the practice that you’re missing.
  • Felt your students want more than what your yoga teacher training has prepared you to deliver—and that frustrates you.
  • And if you’re standing at the verge of a great personal change and you’re ready to evolve and expand.

The Next Step on Your Journey

I know exactly where you’re at.

I remember sitting up at the end of a really good yoga class and just wanting to remain there with my eyes closed. But “class” had ended and everyone was getting up.

I thought, “Why are we leaving at the best part? Just as we’re starting to meditate we have to end!”

It didn’t seem right—until I chanted my first Sanskrit mantra. I’ll never forget it and how it made me feel.

It was a very slow version of oṁ namaḥ śivāya. I had my eyes closed and with each breath I elongated the Sanskrit syllables.

Woman sitting cross legged on the lap of a very large buddha statue
Woman sitting cross legged on the lap of a very large buddha statue

It went something like this:

Deep breath in: Aaaaa-uuuuu-mmmmm

Deep breath in: Naaaaaa-maaaaah

Deep breath in: Shiiii-vaaaa-yaaa

I continued breathing and chanting like this for a solid hour—as a warm wave of sweet bliss spread across my entire being. It felt like the floor opened under me. I felt like I was floating in the space in and around me.

I’d never enjoyed a moment’s peace from my thoughts before then. And here I was—thought-free and so content within myself I never wanted to open my eyes again.

Later I understood I’d been led effortlessly to samādhi, the goal of yoga, just through breathing and chanting. It was that easy. And yet that profound.

What I’d been trying to achieve through hours of yoga āsana practice, I could reach within moments of pronouncing a Sanskrit mantra.

You’ve stretched your body with āsana, now expand your mind with mantra, the yoga of sacred sound.

At some point your yoga practice inspires you to pursue a deeper approach.

Yet it can be challenging to figure out what’s the next step for your growth. It takes a lifetime to master yoga. It’s a journey that leads to greater self-awareness—which is an ocean.

Yoga studios are churning out thousands of new teachers each year—with little or no real mastery.

You can be different.

And you can make a difference by becoming one of the chosen few who actually master the knowledge, practice and teachings of real yoga.

And I’m here to help you.

Now it’s time to take your yoga practice to the next level. Now it’s time to master your yoga practice with Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is the Key to Yoga Mastery

Imagine having a trusted, deep connection to your inner source of power, and being able to draw from that source to replenish your energy and inspire your wisdom. And through it, to know that you are so much more than your physical body.

And most of all, imagine knowing the secret to samādhi, the goal of yoga. That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this course.

All great yoga adepts use Sanskrit as sacred sound to access their vital source of power. Its primordial sounds even out the breath, still the mind and reveal the spirit.

But here’s the truth. Sanskrit is very easy. It’s as easy as taking a breath and making a sound. And yet it’s so much more.

Sanskrit is a living technology of sacred sound that expands your awareness—beyond the body and thoughts. This is why every Sanskrit syllable is a mantra, a tool for transcendence.

Yogis have practiced mantra yoga for ages to attain higher states of consciousness. And even modern science has discovered chanting Sanskrit increases mind-body intelligence.

The best-kept secret about Sanskrit?

Sanskrit is very easy.

It’s as easy as taking a breath and making a sound. And yet it’s so much more.

Sanskrit is a living technology of sacred sound that expands your awareness—beyond the body and thoughts. This is why every Sanskrit syllable is a mantra, a tool for transcendence.

Yogis have practiced mantra yoga for ages to attain higher states of consciousness.

And even modern science has discovered chanting Sanskrit increases mind-body intelligence.

An Embodied, Feminine Approach to Learning Sanskrit

You can either learn Sanskrit the hard way or the fun way.

The hard way is how I learned it in graduate school. The fun way is how they teach it traditionally in India.

It’s so simple. You just listen and repeat.

To mimic a sound properly, you simply have to feel it. How do you know, for example, when a song is out of tune? You feel it. It’s the same with chanting Sanskrit.

Just by listening and repeating you open up new pathways of life-force in your body. You increase your feeling intelligence. Your mind drops off and a new kind of awareness dawns…that’s watchful and alert.

Patanjali calls this kind of awareness the “witness.”

The Immersion in Mantra Yoga follows this same embodied, feminine approach to learning Sanskrit.

If you can repeat a sound, you can learn Sanskrit. (And even if you can’t hold a tune in a bucket, you can benefit from Sanskrit. You don’t have to be musically talented.)

Every yogi should include mantra yoga in their practice and teaching. It’s the very soul of the yoga tradition. It gives you a radiant body, vibrant breath, calm mind and expanded consciousness.

Sanskrit mantra is what takes your yoga practice to the next level.

If you’re ready to deepen your yoga experience, this course will show you how to enliven your body-mind-spirit with Sanskrit mantra and attain the goal of yoga, samādhi.

This program is for you if you want to…


Perfect your Sanskrit pronunciation



Open new pathways of prāṇa in your subtle body



Practice meditation effortlessly



Enliven your life force and vital energy



Increase your confidence for chanting & teaching



Reinvigorate your yoga teaching


What You’ll Learn

Each lesson module will unfold the transformative power of mantra through the body, emotions, mind, breath and Self through engaging video and audio presentations.

Week One

Mantra & the Body

You’ll learn the anatomy of proper Sanskrit pronunciation and how to tap into these 50 syllables or “storehouses of prana” just by saying them correctly.

Week Two

Mantra & the Mind

You’ll discover how each of the 50 Sanskrit syllables connect to your emotions and mental states—and how to transform them through the practice of mantra.

Week Three

Mantra & the Breath

You’ll experience how the flow of Sanskrit syllables arranged as Vedic mantras serves to regulate your breath as a powerful practice of pranayama.

Week Four

Mantra & the Self

You’ll explore the “gap” state in Vedic chanting and how it leads to the state of sama¯dhi, the goal of yoga.


You’ll also receive invaluable free bonuses that I’ve added to help you with your Sanskrit pronunciation. When you sign up for this Immersion in Mantra Yoga, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of my Sanskrit for Yogis complete audio course (a $197 value). You’ll enjoy listening to deeper instructions of Sanskrit and guided practices anywhere at anytime—to infuse your mind with Sanskrit healing sounds.

I’ve also included additional bonus MP3 recordings of lectures and classes on the Vedas and Yoga Sutras that will inspire your experience… hours of profound knowledge you’ve never heard before.

What my students say…

Dr. Katy’s method of teaching brought everything to life.

Dr. Katy’s method of teaching brought everything to life. Her multitude of stories add to the richness of learning. She teaches the language as a ‘technology’ that brings practical benefits of clearing body/mind versus just learning a language. Each sound resonates through all one’s layers of being and as we went through the lessons, I was able to actually experience this instead of just knowing it as an intellectual theory.

One of the practical benefits that I found, early on, was that simply chanting the alphabet put a lot of ‘shakti’ – energy – in my voice when I have a speaking engagement. It is always a palpable feeling, and adds to confidence before addressing a group.

Within a short amount of time, I was surprised and delighted to be able to read the devanagari script as well. That has been invaluable to me because now, I can, indeed, read scripture on my own.

Francesca A. Jackson

Doctor of Chiropractic

I feel connected to Sanskrit in a meaningful way

Through your amazing heart full work, I have I gained a foundation in the practical life application of Sanskrit. It was great to have access to the course recordings for practice and repetition to become proficient in chanting. The ability to listen again allows me to absorb and apply the work in my life.

Your course continues to enrich and strengthen my personal yoga practice which includes meditation.

Before taking the course, I felt somewhat confused and distant from Sanskrit even though I love chanting… there was a lack of full connection. Now I feel connected to Sanskrit in a meaningful way. It enriches every aspect of my life in a very practical manner.

The authenticity with which you teach and the grounding you have in both scholastic and traditional experience, your loving offering is comprehensive. I have no desire to study elsewhere.

Your work is essential. We chant at least five days a week in the morning. What a blessing! I look forward to continuing with you through life.

Laurie Schaeffer

Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (500 level), Certified Meditation Specialist (HN-BC RN, E RYT 500, CMSII-BC), Alaska

You are such a talented and inspiring teacher

Thank you so much for the Sanskrit videos! You are such a talented and inspiring teacher it was truly enjoyable to watch them. I was just looking for a little bit more insight on the correct pronunciation of the Sanskrit names of the yoga poses and I found your videos and I just couldn’t stop watching them! Thank you once again

Violeta Chonova

I felt such a boost in confidence as a teacher

The benefit I’ve received from various teachings with Dr. Katy over the years have been immeasurable. I first met Dr. Katy in a yoga teacher training in Denver, CO where I completed her Sanskrit for Yogis training. As an aspiring yoga teacher, I received numerous benefits from the Sanskrit for Yogis training. I gained a deeper understanding of Sanskrit and the Vedic Arts, and a profound respect for the teachings. I learned the proper way to pronounce many commonly used (and not as commonly used) Sanskrit words.

With Dr. Katy’s guidance, I felt such a boost in confidence as a teacher knowing that I could incorporate the proper use and pronunciation of Sanskrit into my classes while also knowing the meaning. I was unaware of the true depth of Sanskrit before learning from Dr. Katy. She opened my mind and heart to the vast world of the Vedic Arts in a way I never could have imagined possible. Dr. Katy teaches in a way that is accessible, authentic, and fun. She has an incredible personality and a way of making such a deep teaching accessible on an approachable and personal level.

Dr. Katy teaches in way unlike any other teachings I had experienced. She is truly a one-of-a-kind teacher. Her love of the teachings, wisdom, authenticity and spunk flow out of her through her work. She is so much fun to learn from but touches on such deep topics at the same time. It’s truly a rare experience in this day and age to learn from someone with such deep wisdom and love for life. I had such an incredible experience with her during our in-person yoga teacher training, Sanskrit for Yogis, that I knew I wanted to continue learning from her and working with her.

I have gone on have Vedic Astrology readings with Dr. Katy, went on a life changing and transformative retreat to India with her and highly recommend her in every professional capacity. My experiences with Dr.Katy have always been powerful, transformative, filled with laughter, and just what I needed at the time. Thank you Dr. Katy. What a gift you are to this world.

Taylor Khoury

Evergreen, CO

Dr. Katy is truly a gifted teacher

Dr. Katy is a rare teacher. In the world of yoga as it is today you don’t find teachers with the experience, knowledge and perspective that she has. The teachings she offers are like none other. Dr. Katy will give you a new understanding and relationship to meditation. It will bring you to new and deeper understanding of yoga. It will surely provide an inspiration and context for you that is too profound to detail in this writing. It has done all this and more for me personally. Dr. Katy is truly a gifted teacher and I know this course will be transformational for you. Dive in! See what Dr. Katy has to offer and discover this for yourself. There is nothing you could do that is more rewarding short of learning Hindi, traveling to the mountains and speaking with the yogis of the Himalayas.

James & Ali Nohinek

Owners of Yogali, Yoga & Healing Arts Studio, Dallas, TX

About Your Instructor, Dr. Katy

Fresh out of high school, I was led to the Himalayas of Nepal where I first heard Sanskrit chanted. While living with a brahmin priest, I discovered the power of sound to still your mind and enliven your life force. I learned the secret of yoga. And I wanted to explore it.

So I enrolled in the Religious Studies program at the University of California, Santa Barbara where I studied Sanskrit, classical yoga and Vedic philosophy. As I immersed myself in academia, I received Ford and Fulbright-Hays fellowships to experience the living tradition of Sanskrit in India.

For five years, I trekked to remote areas to meet rare saints and yogis. I meditated in ashrams. I lived with my Sanskrit teacher and recited the Vedas at dawn every morning. India herself became my Guru as I traveled the country to study at the feet of remarkable yoga adepts.

After earning my doctorate in Religious Studies in 2001, I began teaching. I taught Sanskrit and world religions at California Polytechnic University, the University of Colorado and Naropa University before publishing Sanskrit for Yogis, An Introduction to Nada, the Yoga of Sacred Sound.

Sanskrit for Yogis opened a door into the yoga world. I stepped in. And ever since I’ve shared the transformative power of Sanskrit with yoga teachers and practitioners across the world.

Now I want to share with you the path that leads to the essential goal of yoga—Sanskrit mantra.


Now Is The Time

Now is the time to take your yoga practice to the next level & to master your yoga practice with Sanskrit.

This course will provide a path to mastery of Sanskrit in a way that no other course or instructor can.

Your 4-week immersion in sacred sound begins NOW!

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I know that this course is packed with a depth of valuable information and insight you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. And more than that, I know you’ll find it indispensable in your yoga practice and teaching. That’s why I’m offering a 7 day, money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re unhappy with the course, simply return your completed course work within the first week of the course, and we’ll send you a full refund.