Dr. Katy Jane

Awaken something powerful within you

Connect body, mind and spirit with the Vedic arts of Sanskrit and Jyotisha, and transform your yoga practice, teaching & life path.

Namaste, I’m Dr. Katy Jane.

As a scholar of Religious Studies, Sanskrit and the Vedas, I work with yogis at crucial transitions who want to explore the depths of wisdom, awaken their highest purpose, and transform their practice, teaching & life path.

If you yearn to access the deeper teachings of yoga and connect them to your life off the mat, I offer you a path to evolve.

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Dunagiri Retreat, India:




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Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery

an immersion in mantra yoga

If you’re interested in quieting your mind, deepening your breath and enlivening your yoga from the inside out, I can’t wait to share this incredible path to expanding your yoga practice and teaching with sacred sound. Sign up for the first opportunity to enroll, with special bonuses and early bird pricing.


As a fellow traveler on the path, I invite you to share in my yoga stories and adventures for your inspiration.